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日期: 2009-02-15, 5:10   共 10,240 次阅读

一个位于丹佛的顾问公司(Westin Consulting, LLC)招聘Web, UI Designer,列出的招聘标准如下:

Our primary needs are in the areas of user interface development and information architecture with a “Web 2.0″ feel. Strong CSS knowledge and the ability to deliver designs in a “tableless” layout is a must.

The candidate must be accomplished in creating usable, functional, sharp web interfaces, print ads, and graphics and should have a minimum of 3 years of corporate, agency or freelance experience. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter that takes a concept and creates above and beyond our expectations. Our goal is to find someone full-time who can immediately contribute to projects that are going to have an impact on our industries. The ideal candidate has strong user interface, design and branding skills. Experience with frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or other php frameworks is a big plus.

首要要求具备“web 2.0”feel,能完成网站信息架构和界面development,这个development包含了设计和开发;

Skill requirements:

Very strong knowledge CSS and HTML / XHTML (注意用了very strong)
Experience with information architecture (信息架构)
Ability to visualize and development clean, functional user interfaces (简洁实用的视觉设计和制作)
Ability to understand our business model, market and end user needs  (理解商业模式、市场、最终用户需求)
Cross-browser compatibility (跨平台开发能力?以下都为重构类术语,就不班门弄斧翻译了)
Experience with dynamic templates
Ruby on Rails experience is a plus
Experience building sliced templates in skeleton rails apps is a plus
Ideal candidate will be able to provide sliced templates in Haml / Sass
Experience with svn or git is a plus
Although not a requirement, creation of copy as well as SEO experience would be an added benefit.





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